What is a Peshtemal???

Peshtemals are the beautiful, practical towels that have been woven for centuries in Turkey and the surrounding areas. They were originally used in the hammams, or spas. They are woven fabric, generally with some type of tassels on the ends. The various patterns evolved over hundreds of years and used to indicate the city or region where they were woven.

Today they are frequently called Turkish Towels. However, they are much more than towels. They can be used as a blanket, a throw, a table cover or runner, and many other things. They come in sizes ranging from hand towels to nearly enough to be a bed cover. (For those of you wondering - yes, we are trying to find a source for bed covers!)

The historical significance of the pattern indicating a location, combined with the international popularity, is what made us decide to name ours after cities around the world. As we add more to our collection, you will see more cities popping up!