• Chunky Double Rib Knit Merino Wool Throw - Choose Size


    Our Ribbed Chunky Knit Throws have all of the beauty of the Classic Throws with the 3 inch long stitches. However, it has a double rib stitch, giving it a fluid grace. The raised rows can be used in your room to draw the eye to key piece of décor or to pull the attention away from something else! It can be hung or laid with straight lines to support a geometric motif, or it can be displayed with a swirl to work with a room with more curves.
    Oh, and in addition to the awesome styling options, they are also terrific to cuddle up under!

    The Specifics

    Our Ribbed Chunky Knit Throws is hand-made in the US out of 100% merino wool and is available in over 20 colors. Because of the nature of the wool, the pattern, and the large stitches, there can be variation on the measurements. We measure every item before it leaves to ensure that it meets at least the minimum size ordered. If you have a blanket that seems a little longer or wider, generally you can lay it out and pull on the direction you want it to go and the stitches will even out. The products are all hand-made, so please allow 14-21 days for shipping.

    Care for your product

    Merino wool should never be washed completely. It can be spot cleaned in small areas with a soft, damp cloth and very mild soap. If you do so, the best option is to go in the direction of the wool so that it doesn’t create rough places in the wool. It can be dry cleaned safely.