What?! Going out of business!!

I am sure that many of you are surprised by this announcement. First, I would like to thank you all so much for your support over the last few years. Second, I would like to explain why we are closing. We are a family business where everyone in the business has a full time job, or in the case of my mother-in-law, two part time jobs. This means we all get frazzled and feel pressure. We all love what we have built together, but we have collectively decided that it is time to focus on enjoying our quality time together. We are all looking forward to having a good sleep in.

What's Next?

I have so enjoyed becoming part of the home decor community online! I do wish to maintain the amazing relationships into the future. I am considering starting a blog, working with other small shops to help them grow, collaborating with brands and makers, and several other possibilities.

I hope that you will check back with us often to see where we are headed. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them! Please do send us an email.

Thanks so much to all of you.



All inventory should be accurate. If there is a size or color that shows as unavailable, we probably do not have any of that color/size combination. 

Sale Prices

All items have been marked down 40%! This includes items previously on sale. The price shown reflects all discounts.


Because we are closing, we will not be accepting returns on items sold after 2/1/2019.

Jersey Chunk

Our new Jersey Chunk is made of a soft jersey material that is washable and can stand up to daily use, pets, kids - you know, life!

Check out our Turkish Throws!

We have lots of colors and neutrals, as well as sizes ranging from hand towels to blankets!