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The sun is warm and the water is cool! Check out our Turkish Towels for you summer fun. They are 100% Turkish cotton and get softer with every use. They are lightweight so you can fit several easily in your beach (or pool!) bag and still be able to carry it. Because they are a smooth towel, they don’t hold onto the sand like terry towels. They can also be used as throws, table covers, sarongs, and many other things! They are extremely versatile, so the sky is the limit! Check them out now!

Check out our Turkish Towels!

We have lots of colors and neutrals, as well as sizes ranging from hand towels to blankets!


April from Never Felt Better Co makes what she cleverly terms 'Knot Yo Mama's Macrame.' She is right! Her pieces are stylish and on trend. Click to see her ArtizenHome line!