Jersey Chunk Knit Throw - Large

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Our large Jersey Chunk throw measures 40 inches by 60 inches, so it can cover from head to toes! It is also a great size to throw over the back of a sofa or at the foot of a queen or smaller bed.

It has the eye-catching giant stitches, but it is made of WASHABLE yarn! For those of you that have wanted a chunky throw and had concerns about pets, kids, husbands, we have the perfect throw! If you have not gotten one because you are a vegan, now is the time!

Our Jersey Chunk has an outer layer of 100% cotton jersey fabric (think t-shirt) that is stuffed with a polyfill similar to what is found in most hypo-allergenic pillows. Unlike some of the acrylic knits that are washable, this yarn does not shed or pill. You can even toss it in the dryer!

Because of its durability, you can use it for other purposes like as a pet mat, especially if you have a space where fur tends to collect on furniture. It makes a great play mat for little (but not too little!) ones because it is super squishy and sometimes playtime turns to nap time.

Best of all, we can finally say YES to those of you looking for a chunky knit rug!! We have had lots of requests but did not think it was ethical to sell our merino wool as a rug, knowing that it is too delicate. Our Jersey Chunk is perfect for it! It is super squishy and comfy to stand on and can add some serious *pow* to a room!