Share Our Journey

ArtizenHome is in the process of being created. It is great to be able to say that. It is not being built, developed, constructed, or anything else like that. It is being created. Always we will be adding, changing, and hopefully growing our brand. We aspire to be so much more than we are today. 

In creating ArtizenHome, we hope to make a site where you love to look around, read articles or watch the videos, and where your ideas are sparked. We know that when you make warm, comforting blankets, scarves, and pillows for your loved ones, your love for them becomes a part of what you make. In the same way, we will pour our hearts into making ArtizenHome not only a source for products, but for inspiration and positive energy. It will no doubt have its ups and downs, its dropped stitches and frayed edges (or nerves!), but it will be a creation from the heart.


Where Is Our Journey Leading? 

We have a vision of being creators, but just as importantly, supporters. We want to support you, our customers, in finding beauty, inspiration and positivity in your surroundings and within yourselves. We also want to support rising artisans who have not yet made their mark. As it has been throughout history, there are amazingly talented artists that are struggling to get by. They have to spend more time on putting food on the table than expressing their God-given talent. I hope that together, we can form a support community for a few of these artists. 

As ArtizenHome grows, we plan on reaching out to artisans who craft items for the home. We would like to find truly talented people that can have a small line of products with us. The goal is to provide a mechanism for more income for the artisans from these lines so that they can better focus on their more sophisticated works. 

We hope that you as a community will support these artisans as we find them and bring their works to you. We hope that you will find inspiration in the works of these artisans that will help you find your inner artist. We hope that through these things, we may stay in the same place, but will have made it a better place to be.

We invite you to share in our journey of creation.