Chunky Merino Wool Yarn - By The Pound

This is Pantone color matched 100% merino wool. The pictures representing the colors are as accurate as we can make them, but please know that different screen settings can impact how a color displays. We have all of the colors available in a larger format on ouråÊColorsåÊpage.

The quantity is in pounds. Below you will find some information regarding how much yarn is needed for various projects. Please bear in mind that this may vary based on your knitting method and style. For instance, if you are arm knitting, the knitting will be looser than if you use needles. This means that for the arm knitter, less yarn may be required. However, this will still vary by style.åÊ

As far as patterns and instructions, we do have instructional videos available on ouråÊVideos page.

If you already knit, but haven't worked with this super chunky yarn, I have a couple of pieces of info that I would have found helpful at the start!

1. Unravel you yarn carefully. If you are an old hand, you no doubt have some way that you pull, twist or otherwise maneuver your hands/arms to get more yarn. However, because of the weight of the yarn, it is important that you take the weight off of the yarn before pulling more out. If you don't, it is possible the yarn will The best thing you can do is actually just unravel it into a loose pile before you start.

2. Stitch size - for the Super Chunky Yarn, I find my stitches are about 3 inches long and 1.75 - 2 inches wide. This should help you determine how many stitches wide your project should be.

3. When you are choosing your stitches, make sure that you take the scale into account. If you are looking to do something like a basket weave or cable knit, you will probably want to have more stitches in each section just to take advantage of the scale.åÊ

Estimated Yarn by Project

40x60 inch - large throw - 8 lbs
35x50 inch - lap throw - 4-5 lbs
30x35 inch - baby blanket - 2 - 3 lbs
39x75 inch - twin bed (or blanket for the foot of the bed!) - 10 lbs
Cat/Dog bed - 2-3 lbs, depending on the size desired

Standard Scarf - 6 feet x 3 stitches wide - 1 lbåÊ
Extra wide/long scarf ‰ÛÒ 2 lbs
Single loop ‰ÛÒ 1 lbåÊ

A couple of notes:
1. Please do not wash merino wool projects. You can do some spot cleaning using lukewarm water and a very mild soap. Otherwise, we strongly recommend you dry clean anything you make with this yarn.åÊ
2. We do sell in 1 lb skeins, but we make every effort to keep the yarn continuous if it is possible to do so. Nobody likes to have to start a new yarn.åÊ
3. If you do need to combine two yarns because of separate skeins or because of a rip, we have a video on how to do this without making a knot in your work on ouråÊVideos.
4. There are pictures of the yarn in balls of different sizes on many sites. Please be aware that was to make the pictures more pleasing. The most efficient (and cost effective!) way to ship the yarn is in skeins, so our yarn is shipped in skeins. Since it is shipped that way, we want to picture it that way. They are generally about 12" long and 13 - 15 inches around, depending on who wrapped that particular skein.

Caring for your throw

Merino wool should never be washed completely. It can be spot cleaned in small areas with a soft, damp cloth and very mild soap. If you do so, the best option is to go in the direction of the wool so that it doesn’t create rough places in the wool. It can be dry cleaned safely.


We offer 3 unique knit styles in our chunky throws: Classic Knit (our most popular), Ribbed Knit, and Basket Weave.

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Because of the nature of chunky knits, the exact measurements do vary based on how the item is handled. In some sizes there is a variation of up to 3 inches. However, we are very careful to measure each piece before it goes out the door to ensure that it meets the minimum size ordered. If you find your blanket is a little off, you should be able to lay it out flat and pull it gently in the direction you would like to lengthen it and it will shift accordingly.
Size Guide
Little Mat
  • 11"
  • 11"
Chunky Mat
  • 20"
  • 20"
Lap Throw
  • 35"
  • 50"
Large Throw
  • 40"
  • 60"
Extra Large Throw
  • 70"
  • 60"
Twin Size Bed
  • 45"
  • 80"
Full Size Bed
  • 70"
  • 83"
Queen Size Bed
  • 76"
  • 88"
King Size Bed
  • 90"
  • 88"